Hi, I’m Clelia! At 35 I left a prestigious job to travel, becoming an online entrepreneur in the process. Since then, many have asked me to share various tips, from the beauty products I use to my workouts, how to make money online with a website, and much more. That’s why this site was born: To answer all your questions!

Here are some topics that everyone has asked me about and that I want to explore here on the site for you!

All About Beauty


Here you will find tips to keep fit at home with targeted exercises, beauty products tested by me, but also tips on how to achieve mental well-being, an important step to reflect a healthy and pleasant image and to feel better about yourself!

Create Your Website


Would you like to start a blog or a website and make money online, while you are at home or around the world? Then you’re in the right place! I started my websites from scratch and now they are my full-time job. Find out how I did it and follow my tips to succeed!

IVF & Fertility


Infertility is a topic that not many are willing to talk about. Going through IVF is a stressful and sometimes lonely journey. So I decided to talk about my story to help you with your doubts. I’m here for you!

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