What do you do when you’re on the hunt for a beauty product you want to try? I don’t know about you, but I read all the reviews online and (rarely) buy random items, thinking they might be miraculous. It happens to the best of us! : D

That’s why I have this reviews section, so as not to make you buy a thousand products before finding the right one for you!

My house is filled with products with similar characteristics to test on my skin and then review with pros and cons. I got you covered!

Here are my reviews of beauty products by category!


Free Products:

I buy all the products by myself, spending a good amount of money. If ever a company wants me to test their products, and I think what they offer is useful, I will specify it at the beginning of the article, but it would not change anything to my review.

Put more simply: I do not let anyone “buy me” , if a product does not satisfy me, I will explain the reasons, because for me you come first, not the company that sent me a product.

Affiliate Links:

Not always, but sometimes there may be affiliate links in my reviews. If you don’t know what they are, here’s the explanation: If you click on a product link and buy it, I get a small profit at no extra cost to you. This helps me pay to keep working at a professional level and, since it’s my full-time job, also to earn and pay taxes.

You come first. I do not put affiliate links of beauty products that I have not tested to make money. We are talking about products that goes into your skin, not about a dress that I like. That’s why I don’t find it ethical. And if I find an excellent product without an affiliate link, I’ll put it on the review anyway, even if I don’t earn anything . Integrity comes before money. ALWAYS.

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Good Shopping, but only for what you really need 😉

Big virtual hugs!


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