Hello and welcome to my site! If you are here it’s … let me guess because you want to know more about who I am, right? Yeah, trying to be funny 🙂

Ok, enough with the usual pleasantries and let’s get to the point! (I just don’t particularly like talking about me in formal tones, be patient!

My name is Clelia, born in 1977 so I’m 43 at the moment, destined (hopefully) to become many more! Everyone defines me as “crazy”, but in a good way at least! And this is my face at the moment!


Nice to meet you! Unusual photo since I am always traveling around the world, but lately I’ve built a little house and I’ll be back to travel in a while 🙂

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I should also create a Youtube channel because several people asked for it, but at the moment I am not yet comfortable in front of the camera, I hope to start it soon! I have one about my trips tough, here it is!

At 35 I was living with the perfect boyfriend (on paper) in London and earning my honest living by working as a Production Coordinator at Burberry London. The perfect job (on paper).

And then one day, just like in the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, I woke up without the help of the prince. In my case, I actually woke up from a nightmare life I had imprisoned myself with my own hands.

I finally realized that the life I was living was perfect in the eyes of everyone, except those of the most important person: MYSELF!

When my then perfect boyfriend asked me to marry him, I had a very strong panic attack. Not exactly the reaction a man on his knee dreamed of receiving.

In that moment I realized that I had two options: To stay trapped in a life that did not represent me at all, only to follow society’s standards and make friends and relatives happy, or creating a life that would make me at least proud, and happy at times (because…raise your hand if you have a perfect life:) ).

I obviously chose the second option, albeit in total panic. I gave up everything: my boyfriend, my house, my job. In front of the incredulous eyes of friends and relatives who thought I was crazy. And I also ended up on an article in the Huffington post for this decision, getting a fair amount of insults too, but that’s part of deciding what’s best for you rather than for society, I guess.

I sold everything I had, from clothes to TV, and even my beloved car. I also saved around $ 16,000, and booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok in 2013.

I wanted to travel, discover the world and its people, open my horizons as much as possible. And I did it! Like a very normal person, without being rich, by making sometimes massive sacrifices, both economic and on a personal level.


To find balance inside and out, to like ourselves for who we truly are, to find freedom of deciding about our own life without feeling wrong. All this leads to this image: Serenity and peace of mind.

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