Best Anti -Wrinkle Serums & Creams For Aging Skin Over 40!

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My best Anti Wrinkles cremes& Serums

And a list of the others I have tested and use during my morning routine to keep my skin young after 40 


“Clelia, what is the best wrinkle cream you use that works ?!”

If they gave me a Euro for all the people asking this question, I would be richer than Bill Gates. This article originated from a reader’s email asking this very question (once again)


  • You are under 30/40 years old, and the thought of adding the number “4” (or even worse 5) in front of your age triggers uncontrollable anxiety.
  • When you smile, you notice some wrinkles you swear you didn’t have the day before and, worrying about looking like a grandma, you search for the first beauty shop (online or not) and randomly fill the chart with every sort of anti-wrinkle creams and serums (don’t feel ashamed if you did… we are all been there at some point :D)
  • You are reaching the dreaded 40 or are past it already, and you know that you must start using an anti-wrinkle cream or serum with a good INCI and valid active ingredients if you do not want to find yourself with a parched face in no time.

Don’t worry. I’ve been through this and more. I had only one crisis at 25, and not even the shadow of wrinkles despite not taking care of my skin with a face cream as I do now. Go figure why at 25!

Now that I am 45, I am a bit more put together. If you take care of your skin consistently every day and use the right anti-wrinkle creams for your skin type, by the time you are 40, you don’t have to look like your grandmother;)

So no more chatter, in this article I will mention the best anti-wrinkle cream in the world, the one that really works (yes it exists!) And I will talk about anti-wrinkle face creams/serums with an excellent Inci for the face and the delicate eye area.

Considering that I have long passed the dreadful 40’s (ok, not that long, but I’m already 45, auch!), I will make a list of creams and serums I use and love. These products do not have ingredients that will miraculously erase wrinkles and signs of aging but will surely help the skin stay young and prevent wrinkles, saggy skin, and age spots.

Because let’s face it, no one likes to have wrinkles on the face, especially when they start becoming deep and not just the cutesy ones we get when we make an expression.

Apart from Anna Magnani and probably my grandmother, hardly anyone likes them. I’m not saying that we should expect to have a wrinkle-free face at 90 (even though my maternal grandmother had very few), but that all of us, openly or not, truly despise them. It’s a fact.


  • The product that makes a real difference in the wrinkle factor and that I consider the best anti-wrinkle cream is the one and only “Retin A “/ “Tretinoin” or “Retinoic Acid.”
  • I have very oily skin (I also suffered from a severe form of nodulocystic acne, which I will talk about later), and although oily skin and acne are not pleasant, they have a natural anti-wrinkle effect (tested by this serious scientific study)

  • The products I list initially are not my best wrinkle cream and are not used to turn back the skin’s biological clock. To do that, I use the only real anti-wrinkle cream that works (see point 1).

These face creams/serums that I mention here (plus more coming soon in a review) are still essential when combined with the Retin-A o when I do my TCA chemical peel at home to avoid creating new damage to the skin.

These products, therefore, have a very important function: protection for the skin and prevention. They have a great Inci with ingredients that help the first layer of the epidermis absorb the moisturizing, antioxidant, and emollient substances, making the skin look smoother, hydrated, and healthy.




In this article, as you will notice in the list of anti-wrinkle creams and serums I use, I have excluded sunscreen because it is a FUNDAMENTAL beauty and anti-wrinkle product. I talk about my favorites in the article “the Best Mineral Sunscreens and Powders Without Chemical Filters.

From personal experience and obviously from years of clinical studies, I can say that in addition to the Retinoic Acid (Retin A), I believe that a good sunscreen is the “best anti-wrinkle cream in the world,” for the simple fact that if used correctly, it prevents the damage caused by the sun.

The first cause is wrinkles and the much more dangerous melanoma; consequently, the skin remains younger for much longer.

Therefore, an anti-wrinkle product of this kind deserves an in-depth article where I explain in detail how to best use it to prevent wrinkles and sun damage. I have purchased several types and brands, and I’ll tell you all about them in the article mentioned above. The best sunscreens on the market, in my opinion, and the ones I use and recommend.


So, here we are! What is the best anti-wrinkle cream for me? (we already know it’s Retin-A combined with a great sunscreen).  I did not put them in the picture because I will mainly talk about the properties of the most beneficial and complimentary anti-wrinkle creams and serums that will enhance the result of the previous two.

I use them daily for the prevention of wrinkles and to maintain my skin supple and smooth, and I will tell you which one does what and what type of results you can expect!

SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE ADVICE: A few of us wake up in the morning enthusiastic to apply our face creams and start our daily beauty routine. So to get encouraged to always do it, I create a little area, like my beauty, “SANCTUARY,” which is nice to see and reminds me to never skip my daily routine. I swear it works! Give it a try yourself and let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

As said a million times (sorry girls, it’s important that we all realize it!), the cream that I consider the only one capable of erasing wrinkles is only Tretinoin / Retinoic Acid. So for me, this remains the “best anti-wrinkle cream.”

But if by “anti-wrinkle” we also mean prevention and how to improve the quality of the skin, keeping it hydrated and nourished, this article can be very useful, so read on! Because if Tretinoin /Retin-A helps restore my skin from the inside, these products will help show its results on the outside. One doesn’t exclude the other. They are complementary to each other.

Remember: Every skin is different and reacts differently to the various ingredients, therefore also to the best anti-wrinkle face creams and serums.

Any advice I will give you here refers to my experience after trying several expensive anti-wrinkle creams and serums, expensive and super cheap, and finally finding the ones my skin loves. Sometimes I change them and add /remove one for some time, which will be the topic for another blog post so stay tuned!

So my advice is to go by trial and error, testing only one cream/product at a time for a reasonable period (one-month minimum) to understand how your skin reacts.

You can use the best anti-wrinkle cream in the world, but if you don’t apply it correctly, it could create more problems than benefits!

You should also consider the time of year in which you experiment (in winter, you tend to have drier skin and more oily in summer, creating interactions that could distort the results. The daily routine, if you use serums, etc., must be changed according to the seasons.

For the lucky ones, sometimes just one face cream or a product with specific ingredients to use all year long is enough (this usually happens when you are still young. Then, whether we like it or not, all of us need to add a little more to our beauty routine given that we are not spring chickens anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

I will talk about the changes that the skin of the face and body undergoes after age 40 in a separate post because the topic deserves a detailed chapter.



Here I will list the creams I use (at the moment) during my beauty routine in the morning, specifying their qualities, how I rate them, and valid alternatives if a cream/serum is no longer on the market.

However, consider that (as already mentioned earlier), I introduce some new anti-wrinkle serum or cream to test on my skin now and then, so this is NOT a definitive list. Still, I will certainly update my daily routine when I change something.

I’m fixing my Youtube channel (which I used mainly for my travel site), and I’m transforming it to be able to publish videos in Italian and English, where I’ll also show the various products I use and much more! If you like the idea, subscribe, and you will be notified when I have some videos uploaded!



1| CERAVE Moisturizing Cleansing Lotion


A must in my morning beauty routine for a few years now.

I’ve tried other mild cleansers, but none leave my skin as soft and hydrated as this one. I find it more suitable for cleaning in the morning than for removing make-up in the evening (where I use my beloved organic coconut oil) because it removes impurities in a very delicate way thanks to the presence of ceramides. I highly recommend it!

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2 | Cleaning + massage silicone brush


First, I gently apply the Cerave lotion on my face and then massage it with this super soft silicone brush.

Many have also spoken well of Foreo, the more expensive sister of this one, and I would like to try it to see if there are differences and do a thorough review. But so far, I’m already fine with mine. Easy to disinfect and very pleasant to use!

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3 | Rose Water Facial Tonic


A classic for the beauty of the face.

I used it as a young girl and continue to use it today to refresh, tone, and prepare my skin over 40. It does its duty very well; I use it on the eyelids with soaked cotton pads and gently tap the whole face. Unbeatable value for money.

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4 | Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid Serum


A recent and very welcome discovery from my skin! After finishing the Timeless Skin serum (impossible to find in Italy), I came across this serum containing Vitamin E + Hyaluronic Acid.

What to say? Aside from the very good, slightly orange scent, my skin loves it. I apply four drops on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck and then gently pat. It absorbs quickly, and I can already put the other products after a couple of minutes. Super recommended!

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5 | Coenzyme Q10 Serum


A MUST for my skin! Since I discovered it on a Youtube channel, I have never abandoned it.

Coenzyme Q10 is well known for its anti-aging properties (I also take it in capsules, and it’s phenomenal). This formulation is even more effective, enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Aloe, and the matrixil 3000 formula. If I had to choose just one serum for my skin, I would go for this without a doubt.

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6 | Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum


A great new addition for my skin treated with Retin-A and needs a lot of hydration.

I only use it when I feel my skin needs more hydration, especially in winter, dry climates, or simply if my skin requests it. Although all the other serums already contain Hyaluronic Acid, I must say that this is effective and has an excellent quality/price ratio (very few drops are enough)

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7 | Niacinamide Serum (Nicotinamide)


An inexpensive but very effective serum when I want to give a boost of energy to my skin and fight some imperfections.

Niacinamide (O nicotinamide / Vitamin B3) is a phenomenal molecule that reduces skin inflammation when used by up to 5% (otherwise, it could cause them). It helped me eliminate small pimples and spots and strengthened the skin barrier with a firming effect. The serum is transparent, has a light consistency, and is absorbed instantly.

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8 | Cera Ve Moisturizing Cream For Dry Skin


Here it is, the one and only! I have to buy this cream by the liter because my husband steals it too!

I can only praise this GREAT product that leaves my skin velvety and super hydrated. I have all its versions, from the big can for the body to the ones with the dispenser, and apart from one that irritated me slightly (maybe a bad batch?) The rest is a must for all skins. I recommend it as a cream for every day after serums to seal up your moisture and all the benefits given to your skin by the other products.

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9 | Connectivina For Dry Areas and Eye Contour

Here is another cream that is NEVER missing in my beauty case (I always have a supply).

Connettivina should have a separate review because it is phenomenal to fix many skin problems, especially for those who use acids to exfoliate the skin but also as an eye cream, as a mask, and as a pure moisturizer (it is hyaluronic acid and is used as a healing and regenerating cream for skin lesions). If you have never tried it, you must test it. You will fall in love with it. Connettivina is a beauty secret for many women ๐Ÿ™‚

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This is my list of the products and wrinkle creams/serums that I currently use in the morning and that I love regarding results (and spending). Note: Some of the products were unavailable to link because they have been discontinued or are not available in certain countries, but everything linked, I tried, and I recommend it personally. For my evening routine, I’m writing the article; if you don’t want to lose it, subscribe to the newsletter!

As specified in the product boxes, I don’t always use all the serums every day, but for sure, the ones that are a constant in my routine are, in order of application after cleaning the face:

  • Vitamin C Serum
  • Coenzyme Q10 Serum, Timeless skin only.
  • CeraVe Hydrating lotion
  • Connettivina, at least in the undereye area.

Do you have other products to recommend? Or maybe you need some more advice for your daily skincare? Let me know in the comments!




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